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This material was clearly assembled with loving care and is the product of many long hours in the field obtaining samples and in the studio assembling the many instruments. The utilioty of the package may be narrowly focused, but it provides an amazing palette of astonishing sound possibilities. The sounds are all of the atmospheric variety, with effects, soundscapes and a few pads being the order of the day. The interesting stuff happens when you flick up the mod wheel, which sets the balance between the dry signal and the wet, convolution-processed one.
best service convolution space

Best Service – Convolution Space.

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Best Service Convolution Space

Evocative Atmospheres Organized into Folders

Atmospheres using innovative convolution technology. Best Service Welcome adventurers – to Convolution Space – an entirely new region of the sound. Convolution Space is described as “an entirely new region of the sound universe containing unexplored and uncharted sonic landscapes”. Convolution Space by Best Service is a Virtual Instrument Audio Plugin and a Standalone Application. It includes, and is therefore “powered by”, Kontakt Player .

Convolution Space

You must select at least 1 quantity for this product. Add to cart More info Available for download, Convolution Space by Best Service comprises a library of atmospheric tones, all of them designed to be manipulated through the lens of selectable impulse responses which are, in turn, fed into the original sound-source by means of the mod-wheel on your MIDI-controller. This virtual instrument is powered by the Native Instruments Kontakt engine, which provides its own host of effects including EQ, delays, and phasers. Produced by sound designer Magnus Lindberg, this virtual instrument is more than suitable for creating the atmospheric backdrops often found in commercials, films, video games, pieces of conceptual theater, ambient genres of music, and more.


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Convolution Space. V1. £ + VAT. Download Method: Kontakt Hub. earn kredits. kredits. Product Overview. Kontakt Player. Featured Products. I realise that in the big scheme of things that CS is quite old now but after weeks of waiting, I’ve managed to source and download Disk 1 (D2. Available for download, Convolution Space by Best Service comprises a library of atmospheric tones, all of them designed to be manipulated through the lens o.

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Best Service Convolution Space

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