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FIPS validated! Advanced Codec Pack —. PA Most advanced compression format with strongest compression rates. Smallest files on the market! Backup Full Enterprise Backup suite with volume shadow copy support, logs, network backup and more!
conexware powerarchiver


FIPS validated! Advanced Codec Pack —. PA Most advanced compression format with strongest compression rates. Smallest files on the market! Backup Full Enterprise Backup suite with volume shadow copy support, logs, network backup and more!

Conexware Powerarchiver

PowerArchiver Standard — support for over 60 formats! Most Advanced. PA format strongest and fastest on the market! PowerArchiver Professional — full set of encryption features, advanced backup, command line, MS Office add-ins. It is very easy to use, supports several drives and is included in the shell extensions. It includes 5 tools: Burn image. Works from shell extensions as well. New Disc Image. FIPS Integration with PowerArchiver — Upload files from archives to FTP and Download them directly to archive, without needing to unpack anything!

Multiple tabs — Tabbed interface for multiple server connections. Bandwidth Limiter — Limit bandwidth used with an easy and visible option. Advanced Queue system — Used with multiple transfers and global transfer limits. Disconnect or shutdown — After queue is completed, you can set it to disconnect from the server or even shutdown your computer. PowerArchiver Professional! Professional version adds several features to the main PowerArchiver application: It uses FIPS certified components to achieve compliance with various federal data standards.

It is fully functional from the main PowerArchiver after compression or separately application, as well as integrated into shell extensions and the Backup application. It is fully functional from both Shell Extensions and the main PowerArchiver application after compression or separately.

Encryption Suite — features a professional set of Encryption features: PowerArchiver has the most advanced support for opening various encrypted ZIP archives and it is fully compatible with all options inside WinZip and SecureZip.

Fully featured! Office encryption — Encrypt Office files with secure encryption! Password Policies — Set minimum password strength rules that will prompt user. Password Manager — Save passwords used for various encrypted files. Password Profiles — Pre-define your passwords and use them conveniently with reduced input.

PowerArchiver Cloud Browser! Access various cloud services: Net and Azure. Both power user and business services are supported with a full set of features. Upload Files to Cloud — Upload both full archives and single files inside archives, without having to separately extract and upload them.

Simply right click on a file and select Upload to Cloud. Download Files from Cloud with a twist — Download any file from your Cloud service and when downloading an archive supported by Powerarchiver, it will automatically open in the PowerArchvier interface. You can use it via shell extensions, by right clicking on files inside archives as well as upload your backup to cloud automatically!

Advanced Enterprise class Backup PowerArchiver Backup is an advanced Enterprise class backup with multiple features including: Exclusive PA compression support — Use the most advanced PA format with superior compression and security. Built-in data deduplication for maximal compression. Windows Scheduler — PowerArchiver Backup will create and edit Windows Schedules for you, enabling unattended backups, with many advanced options.

Can be configured to work automatically without further user input. GZ with different settings. Automatically rename the extensions of attachments to bypass mail filters. Exclusions based on extension with predefined commonly used extensions. Name attachment based on first attached file and filter based on minimum file size. Option to include help file with attachment. Easy configuration rules for Administrators.

Windows Installer based installation. Superb compatibility with all versions of Outlook, from Outlook XP to Outlook both 32bit and 64bit. No crashing or Microsoft Outlook hanging. It fully supports a variety of the most popular compressed file formats, including: GZ, TAR.

PACL also includes 5 different encryption methods. PACL was designed to be a versatile, reliable and scriptable application that can be used in many different configurations and scenarios. For more information click here. Full version included!

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Get PowerArchiver Toolbox, with all the features available. PowerArchiver Professional. Ideal compression and. PowerArchiver Toolbox. The strongest and most.

ConeXware PowerArchiver

Easily manage your passwords with Password Manager and Password Profiles. Full 7z format support Superb support for 7-Zip compression with unique Optimized mode. Advanced Codec Pack —.

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PA Format. Adjust all of your compression options available for.

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ConeXware’s PowerArchiver is a paid compression and decompression application for Windows-based computers. This product offers a modern interface that. PowerArchiver Toolbox. The strongest and most. about PowerArchiver. Read user PowerArchiver reviews, pricing information and what features it offers. ConeXware;; United States.

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Conexware Powerarchiver

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