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This post was last updated on August 2nd, at It is a completely free file managing app which offers us tons of cool features but the only irritating thing it has is Ads. We have got the Es file explorer Pro APK as a a solution for the free version of the app which has ads and limited on features. In addition to just file management this app provides many more added features to access cloud storage, remote FTP servers etc.
es file explorer pro apk

ES File Explorer

Updated On: With this program, you can copy data stored in. There are numerous file managers in every Android market, but you can’t find a powerful interface with a great file manager. The main file manager user interface still lives in the Android 2. If your phone has a file manager, it is recommended that you use it. However, the original Android system Nexus device system does not have a file manager.

Es File Explorer Pro Apk

Yes, the functionality of the software is very simple, just to view, delete, create, delete, compress and decompress a few simple files and folders. You can also manage network disks and support FTP file sharing. Learn about basic administration and use of documents.

If the need is not too high, it is recommended to create a backup. But to avoid the wrong operation of the system. Customize the user interface You can get tired of your existing manager application’s UI, and you want to change it, but you can’t.

ES File Explorer Pro allows you to fully customize the interface to your needs. The app allows users to customize any part of the app, rather than selecting a diffusing interface. You can do this by going to this topic and selecting the pencil icon in the upper left corner of the screen to access the edited subject.

There are many options for users to choose from, such as setting the background color, setting the wallpaper, setting text color, folder style, If you want to get back to the default theme when editing a theme, you need to select the gear. Must select the icon and then OK. Restore the deleted files Of course, sometimes you delete the wrong picture, video, or important file while using the device. Deprecated file recovery features are generally not available on most Android devices. To make sure this feature is enabled, you need to go to the tool and turn on the recycle bin.

This feature saves all deleted files so you can restore them at any time. In addition, the app offers users the ability to reduce their storage capacity or simply compress zip or 7z files to pass it. To compress a file or files, hold any file. Then select all the files you want to compress.

Select “Compress” from the menu of the ellipsis, where you can select a compressed file format and set a password for your compressed files. This feature is very useful if you regularly install Android games from an OBB file. To do this, you must first enable Bluetooth connection on the two devices you use to transfer files. You can select the device you want to connect to. At this time, you can send the file by qing it and pasting it into your Bluetooth folder.

Surf the Web Of course, you can’t imagine surfing the internet right on the application manager. Aside from popular websites like Google, the Facebook app is included by default. You can also add your favorite websites through links. With a capacity of 6. He is one of the best file managers for Android OS. However, not all free member features are provided. But nobody likes to spend money on such things. In addition, if you can only get this app for free, why spend it?

Hey, I mean many websites have shared free paid apps. Well, most of these sites do not update their app to the latest version. It works as a standard file manager. File Manager is one of the most important application of Android smartphone. You can copy and copy files, move files and images, copy, move and edit them, and much more in a single app.

Every Android smartphone comes with a pre-installed file manager app, but you can’t customize your files and folders to your liking. That’s why most Android users find the best file manager app on Google.

Don’t worry if you’re one of them too. It can handle all types of files and folders like text, zip, pdf, jpeg etc. With this application, you can manage any file type. It is compatible with many features such as video features, image capture, HTML and more.

Just click on the download link to access the features of the ES File Explorer v1. Google Play Additional Information for App: Required Android:

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Download ES File Explorer An easy way to manage your programs. ES File Explorer is a great tool for managing files and programs. It comes with a. ES File Explorer Android latest APK Download and Install. ES File Explorer to easily manage,share all your local Android and Cloud files. Download ES File Explorer apk for Android. ES File Explorer to easily manage,share all your local Android and Cloud files.

Download Es File Explorer Pro APK [Latest Version]

Find out all about it with our comprehensive review What does it do? The app provides a complete and throughout file managing solution. Moreover, you can gain access to your files and folder within seconds. On top of that, the app also comes with many different features for effectively and successfully managing your files.

Features of Es File Explorer Pro APK for Android

Updated On: With this program, you can copy data stored in. There are numerous file managers in every Android market, but you can’t find a powerful interface with a great file manager.

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Download ES File Explorer Pro APK premium version for free. Get the latest updated version of this premium file manager now. ES File Explorer Pro Patched Apk Mod for Android free download new version es file manager apk rexdl Click to install applications. File Manager Lite let you access files on microSD, complete a large file transfer and backup a file, folder, or directory on usb flash drive. File Manager will.

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Es File Explorer Pro Apk

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