How To Unlock Rar Password Without Any Software

How to extract password protected rar files without password

Finally, I spent 5 days to find back the forgotten password with software. To tell you the truth, as I know, there isn’t a way to open or extract password protected RAR file without password. So, if you cannot remember the password of RAR file, you have to recover the lost password with software only. If you don’t care how long it take to recover the lost password and just want to do it simply, please see Easy guide to recover a RAR file password. However, I recommend you spend a few minutes to read the following articles which will help you save much time.
how to unlock rar password without any software

Remove WinRAR Password without Software

Run notepad script on pc as administrator. Type or paste correct name of zip file with extension and hit enter key. Again, type or copy the full path of password protected file and hit enter. Copy the password and unlock your locked RAR or Zip file easily. Limitations Best thing is that this RAR password unlocker tool is free. User can create this notepad script itself.

How To Unlock Rar Password Without Any Software

Notepad script run time depends on password length. That means, it may take long time if the password length is too long. Here we will use notpad which is installed in every pc already. Follow the below instructions as shown below and unlock RAR filw without having password. Once the zip file open in notepad format, search the below keywords in second line.

Unfortunately there is no any other way to find these keywords. Once you are able to find the above two keywords, just replace them with below keywords again. As you can see this is the easiest method to remove RAR file password. It will take few minutes to replace the correct keywords and then you can open any RAR file without any software.

In this method you have to upload password locked RAR or zip file on the online zip converter website. It will reconvert the same file into zip file again. So you can unlock your RAR file without having password. So make sure you are not going to upload your important data file on their site. So do it on your own risk. We never ever recommend you to use any online services.

We personally tried it many time but get success in few times only. First off visit on online Zip converter site from here. Now you can download the converted file again and this time it should be unlocked in Zip format. Basically this online converter is useful to convert any file into Zip format online. But if upload the password locked RAR file in this tool, it will convert the file again into zip file and also remove the password of the file automatically.

Just upload the Zip file and convert it again into rar format online and get the zip file with without password. But we tried our best to include some free, most useful and working methods to remove password from Zip file without software. Hope you may find this article helpful. Till now getting any issue in any step, please leave your comment.

Same as if you have any suggestions please share with us. We will try to include them in our list. I always want to explore something new and experiment on Android Smartphones, here on 99mediasector.

How to Remove Winrar Password without Software

Don’t know how to break RAR password with/without software? Read this article to learn the best 3 methods to break WinRAR password. PassMoz RAR Password Unlocker is a The best part about this software is that it uses multiple. If you want to remove password protection from a RAR file with or without any software, here is how you do it on your computer.

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To stop unauthorized access to significant files, you can protect it by putting a password on them. But if you are fed up with typing the password when you open it each time, you can simply remove the password. So here I will tell you how to remove password from RARand zip files without any software. Part 1: Step 1:

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Well, then here is the answer for you. With WinRAR, you can easily find out the password that you have lost or forgotten. This can help you to get your password within no time.

HOWTO VIDEO: RAR Password Recovery is complete solution to unlock RAR Password

Stella developer made smart RAR password recovery software with superb quickly help to recover your password and open RAR file without loss any data. If you want to remove password protection from a RAR file with or without any software, here is how you do it on your computer. Free and fast utility to crack RAR/WinRAR and 7-zip passwords on CPU and I’ m not an auhtor of this software, I’m not liable for any its using.

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How To Unlock Rar Password Without Any Software

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