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Type appwiz. Restart your device. Close programs in the notification area running with startup If your device takes a long time to start up, one of the causes could be having a large number of startup apps or a few apps that have a high impact on startup time.
microsoft tuneup utilities free

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Type appwiz. Restart your device. Close programs in the notification area running with startup If your device takes a long time to start up, one of the causes could be having a large number of startup apps or a few apps that have a high impact on startup time. Some of these programs add an icon to the notification area on the taskbar to show that they are running with startup.

Microsoft Tuneup Utilities Free

To stop a program that has one of these icons from automatically running on startup, follow these instructions: On the Start screen, tap or click Desktop image to see the icon tray.

Point to each icon to see the program name. To ensure that you can see icons for all running programs, tap or click Show hidden icons. Open a program that you do not want to run on startup. In the options for that program, find a setting similar to Run at startup. Set the option to Off or No. You must open any program that you do not want to run on startup and change the setting. View Startup items To see what programs run at startup and disable any, follow these instructions: Press and hold or right-click in the blank area on Taskbar and select Task Manager.

Tap or click More details in the lower-left corner of Task Manager. Under the Startup tab in Task Manager, you can view a list of applications that start automatically every time you turn on your device and sign in to Windows.

If you see any programs in this list that you do not want to run when Windows starts, tap or click the application and then tap or click Disable. Disabling a program from running at startup doesn’t stop the program from running if you need it. If you tap or click the program after startup, it will start and run normally. Change a program Sometimes, by adding or removing certain program options, you can prevent a program from running at startup.

If you cannot stop the program from running on startup and the program does not have the option to change the configuration, you must talk to the program manufacturer for a solution.

To change the configuration of a program, follow these instructions: Swipe in from the right edge of the screen if using a mouse, point to the upper-right corner of the screen and move the mouse pointer down. Tap or click Search. Tap or click Apps. Tap or click Appwiz. Tap or click a program, and then tap or click Uninstall, Change, or Repair. If prompted, type an administrator password or confirmation.

Clean up disk errors Over time, your device may create errors on its hard drive. These errors can slow your device. The Check Disk program identifies and cleans any errors. To run Check Disk, follow these instructions: Type computer in the Search box. Tap or click Computer on the left side of your screen. Press and hold or right-click the drive you want to repair, and then tap or click Properties. Tap or click the Tools tab. Under Error checking, tap or click Check. Depending upon the size of your hard disk, this may take several minutes.

For best results, don’t use your device for any other tasks while it’s checking for errors. You may need to restart your device after error checking is complete. Optimize Drives, previously known as Disk Defragmenter, is a Windows feature that helps optimize different types of drives. The feature runs automatically on a weekly schedule, but you can also run Optimize Drives manually. To run Optimize Drives manually, follow these instructions: Tap or click Optimize under Optimize and defragment drive.

Under Status, tap or click the drive you want to optimize. The Media type column tells you what type of drive you’re optimizing. To determine if the drive needs to be optimized, tap or click Analyze. After Windows finishes analyzing the drive, check the Current status column to see whether you need to optimize the drive. If the drive is more than 10 percent fragmented, you should optimize it.

Tap or click Optimize. Notes Optimizing a drive can take anywhere from several minutes to several hours to finish, depending on the size of the drive and degree of optimization required. You can still use your device during the optimization process. Network drives can’t be optimized. Try to repair the drive first, then return to Optimize Drives to try again.

To change the optimization schedule, follow these instructions: Tap or click Change settings. Select one of the following: To turn off scheduled optimization, clear the Run on a schedule check box. To change the frequency of scheduled optimization, tap or click the drop-down list next to Frequency, and then tap or click Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. The default schedule for optimization is weekly and runs during Automatic Maintenance.

To select the drives you want to include or exclude in scheduled optimization, tap or click Choose next to Drives. Select or clear the check boxes next to the drives and then tap or click OK.

You can also clear the Automatically optimize new drives check box if you don’t want new drives added to scheduled optimization. If Windows can’t optimize a drive, it won’t offer the drive as an option for Automatic Maintenance. Tap or click OK. Clean your hard disk Disk Cleanup reduces the number of unnecessary files on your drives by deleting temporary files and system files, emptying the Recycle Bin, and removing a variety of other items that you may no longer need.

To clean your hard disk, follow these instructions: Type free up disk space in the Search box. Tap or click Settings. Tap or click Free up disk space by deleting unnecessary files on the left side of your screen. In the Drives list, tap or click the drive that you want to clean up. In the message that appears, tap or click Delete files.

To clean up system files associated with your account, follow these instructions: In the Drives list, tap or click the drive that you want to clean up and then tap or click OK. In the Disk Cleanup dialog box, tap or click Clean up system files. The More Options tab is available when you opt to clean up system files from your device. This tab includes two additional options for freeing up space: Programs and Features. This option opens Programs and Features in Control Panel, where you can uninstall programs that you no longer use.

The Size column in Programs and Features shows how much space each program uses. System Restore and Shadow Copies. System Restore uses restore points to return your system files to an earlier point in time. If your device is running normally, you can save space by deleting earlier restore points. Turn off visual effects If Windows is running slowly, you can speed it up by disabling certain visual effects.

You can select which visual effects to turn off one by one or you can let Windows select for you. To turn off visual effects, follow these instructions: Type Performance Information and Tools in the Search box.

Tap or click Performance Information and Tools on the left side of your screen. Tap or click Adjust visual effects. For a less drastic option, select Let Windows choose what’s best for my computer. Run fewer programs at the same time Sometimes you can improve system performance by changing your computing behavior.

Running four or more programs while leaving multiple browser windows and email messages open may be more than your device can handle. If you find your device slowing down, decide whether you really need to keep all of your programs and windows open at the same time. Also, find a way to remind yourself to reply to email messages later instead of keeping them open until you reply.

If you have a storage device that will work with ReadyBoost, you’ll see an option to use ReadyBoost when you plug it into your device. If you select this option, you can select how much memory to use. Adjust indexing options Windows uses an index to perform very fast searches of the most common files on your device.

If it’s taking too long to search for things on your device, you can narrow your search to focus on the files and folders that you most commonly use. Adjust power plan A power plan is a collection of hardware and system settings such as display, sleep, and so on that manages how your device uses power.

TuneUp Utilities 2014

Download Microsoft Tuneup Utilities – best software for Windows. TuneUp Utilities: TuneUp Utilities offers advanced performance optimizers, helping you. Want a faster, cleaner, better-running PC? Then check out these five free downloads to clean up and speed up your computer. Tune-up utilities for PC are usually not as helpful as advertised. Get your free PC tune-up and make it faster at a Microsoft Store ยท 7 of the best.

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In our tests, we used all available optimization tools within the program, then used PCMark 10 to benchmark performance for graphics processing, video chat quality, web browsing speed and word and data processing. The PC cleaner suite struggled to improve a few of these aspects, though it brought improvements to graphics, word and data processing. Recovering storage space is really where WinZip System Utilities shines.

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Complete System Tuneup is an all-in-one freeware utility which Go here if you are looking for more Free Registry Cleaners, Junk Anand Khanse is the Admin of, a year Microsoft MVP Awardee in. Tune up your PC for better program response time, more space, and fewer tools makes it’s Editors’ Choice in the free PC tune-up utility category . of Slimware Utilities Holdings, Inc. Microsoft and Windows are either registered. Best system utilities and repair software for business PCs of Note that all of these will run on Windows 10 and earlier versions of Microsoft’s OS. We’ve also rounded up the best free PC optimization software AVG TuneUp has been around for many years, but the current version has a smart.

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Microsoft Tuneup Utilities Free

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