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Please join the mailing list to be notified when ZOIAs become available. What’s a ZOIA? But since you’re the one building it, you can make it do whatever you want. With the ZOIA you can build your own custom effects, synthesizers, midi controllers, and virtual pedal boards.
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Your hardcore loop machine.

Please join the mailing list to be notified when ZOIAs become available. What’s a ZOIA? But since you’re the one building it, you can make it do whatever you want.

Midi Loops Reddit

With the ZOIA you can build your own custom effects, synthesizers, midi controllers, and virtual pedal boards.

And to make life a little easier, we’ve created modules for all your standard guitar effects. So for instance, if you want a phaser, you can just plop down a phaser. You don’t have to break out the textbooks to learn that they’re built out of all-pass filters. With ZOIA the only limit is your imagination! Create your own effects, synths, control devices, and more! If you can dream it up, you can create it! Up to 64 Patches – Create and save up to 64 patches that can be easily recalled during live performance.

We’re also continuously improving the firmware by adding new modules and features, and fixing bugs. Download the newest firmware from empresseffects. Customizable Patch Recall System – The on-board stompswitches can be used in either scrolling- or bank-style preset modes, for quick on-the-fly patch recall that suits your workflow.

Built-In Help – Almost like having a built in manual, the dedicated help function will give you quick information at a glance about ZOIA’s various modules and options. High-Quality Audio – 48kHz sampling, with 24 bit conversion and 32 bit internal processing.

Audio Input Connect audio from the outside world into the grid. Connect to your amplifier, a DI box, your audio interface, etc. An optional gain control lets you tweak the output level.

Connect the note out to an oscillator to have it play your note, and connect the gate out to an ADSR connected to a VCA for a natural envelope. Take note of the outgoing CC number of each control and enter it into the controller option. Midi Pressure Many MIDI keyboards have an aftertouch feature that can be triggered by pressing down on a note after it’s fully depressed.

You can use after touch to trigger a little extra pizazz in your sound. Stompswitch Use this module to connect a stomp switch to other modules. This can be any of ZOIA’s 3 stomp switches or an external one. If using an external, remember to set it up in the Config Menu.

Once placed, the Scroll and Bypass stomp switches must be “switched to” by holding them both on together for 2 seconds, this will allow them to function in the modules instead of as ZOIA’s main user interface. Hold again for 2 seconds to switch back.

It can show you a specific colour at a specific brightness based on the setting of input parameter. To use as a CV indicator, decide which colour you’d like and set the input as the decimal value associate with that colour.

Then connect it to a CV output range 0 – 1 with a connection strength of 7. This module can also be used as a pushbutton with the optional CV output parameter Pushbutton Turns a grid button into a button you can push to send a CV signal. Tap in a tempo, open up a VCA, trigger a sequencer, or anything else. The grid is your oyster!

Keyboard Turns grid buttons into a keyboard you can connect to an oscillator and play. No external MIDI controller necessary! Tune each keyboard button using the knob to have it play your desired note. Remember to set CPort to either exp or cv in the Config Menu. Remember to set CPort to cv in the Config Menu.

Use a regular audio source to advance a sequencer, tap a tempo, etc Env Follower Envelope Follower will interpret an incoming audio signal as a CV signal based on its signal strength.

Use this to trigger filter sweeps, audio effects parameters, LFO rates, etc. The connection strength can act as a sensitivity control. Pitch Detector Pitch Detector interprets the pitch of a connected audio signal as a CV note output, which can be sent to an oscillator or quantizer.

You can affect the tracking by changing the connection strength between the audio source and the audio input, and transpose which note the oscillator will generate using the connection strength to the oscillator. Audio Modules These modules generate or augment audio signals. Oscillator Generates an audio signal in the waveform of your choice.

You can modulate the frequency or pulse width with the optional parameters. Connect an ADSR to create a natural sounding envelope for an oscillator passing through. Connect an LFO to create a tremolo effect. Or connect an expression pedal module or MIDI input for an external volume control. Multi-Filter A versatile filter which can be configured to be a high-pass, low-pass, band-pass, bell, hi-shelf, or low shelf filter. Delay Line The Delay Line is a simple module that takes audio at the input and delays it by a set amount of time.

There is no dry signal, there are no repeats. You can create repeats by connecting the output back to the input, using the connection strength to adjust number of repeats. Audio Panner Audio Panner takes either one or two input channels and pans them between two outputs. Connect an LFO for a stereo tremolo effect. Pitch Shifter Pitch Shifter transposes the pitch of incoming audio.

Click the knob on the pitch shift parameter to cycle views of CV value, semitones, or cents. Connect an LFO to produce a vibrato effect, or connect whatever you’d like! Audio Balance Audio Balance mixes an output from 2 inputs. You can run this module either mono or stereo. Audio Mixer Audio Mixer functions like a stripped down mixing console, where gain is your channel fader and you can place an optional pan control.

Mix up to 8 channels, in mono or stereo. Inverter The Inverter module takes incoming audio signal and inverts the sound wave degrees out of phase. This module is inaudible unless you have a phase related problem you are trying to solve, in which case it can be very audible. Be sure to put a 1 Buffer Delay module into your “dry” side to line up the Inverter in time for proper phase cancellation.

Audio In Switch Audio In Switch takes a selected quantity of audio inputs and allows you to switch between them to a single output. You can use this to select between instruments at your input jacks, use it in conjunction with the Audio Out Switch to select between effects chains, or use it anywhere you’d like to be able to select between incoming audio sources using CV.

Audio Out Switch Audio Out Switch takes an audio input and routes it between a set quantity of audio outputs. You can use it at your output jacks to select between amplifiers or mixer channels, use it in conjunction with the Audio In Switch to select between effects chains, or use it anywhere you’d like to be able to select an outgoing audio path using CV.

All Pass Filter All Pass Filter pass through all frequencies at equal gain, but changes phase relationship between them. Noise Generates white noise from a single button. Use the strength of your connection as a level control. Audio Multiply Takes one audio input and mathematically multiplies it with the other.

This module likes hot signals to be sure to bump the connection strengths. Remember that silence at any one of the inputs will result in silence at the output! Bit Crusher Bit Crusher produces distortion by reducing audio bandwith by a set number of bits. Distortion becomes audible around 20 bits reduced. This effect can get noisy so try it with a gate. Aliaser Aliaser produces samples of incoming audio and compares them against eachother to find imperfections. These imperfections become the outgoing audio.

As sample count grows, so too does the thickness of the outgoing sound. This effect is a signal hog so be sure to boost your connection strengths incoming and outgoing. Try connecting a LFO or envelope follower to the alias amount.

This module is inaudible, but useful anywhere you need to line up internal parallel audio connections precisely. Looper The Looper module allows you to record incoming audio and trigger playback, forwards or backwards, at the speed of your choice pitch shifted , Granular The Granular module chops up your signal into grains. Complete with control over the size, texture, position, density as well as the ability to freeze and play back audio at the speed of your choice pitch shifted.

Stereo Spread Stereo Spread will take one or two channels and enhance their stereo field. This is generally used right before an audio output module but, as always, feel free to experiment!

Bit Modulator Bit Modulator takes one audio input and compares it against the other, creating an unholy glitchy combination of both sounds at the output. Choose between 3 different logic flavours with the “type” option. When taking audio from an external source, it’s recommended to put a gate before the input. Diffuser Diffuser spreads your signal across the galaxy like so many shimmering little stars. Use CV input bias to determine a module’s starting CV or minimum , and use the connection strength to determine the maximum value.

This will generate CV in the waveform and range of your choosing. Connect it to a sequencer to cycle through steps, to an audio effect to swing it’s parameters around, or to any outboard piece of gear through a MIDI or CV interface module. The connection strength you enter at the output will determine the maximum sweep of the LFO. Sequencer Audio Out Switch takes an audio input and routes it to a selected of audio output.

ADSR The Attack Decay Sustain Release module is what gives a note generated from an oscillator a natural sounding envelope when played from a keyboard.

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r/WeAreTheMusicMakers: WeAreTheMusicMakers (WatMM) is a subreddit for Announcing BitMidi – free collection of ,+ MIDI files to use in productions. /r/FL_Studio – The Reddit Home Of FL Studio. Sharing a track? Submit it to the Feedback Thread! Feedback Thread February · /r/FL Studio. Since you guys enjoyed the guitar clips I put out last week I figured i’d make some piano stuff to put on here as well. It’s got 8 loops, with midi.

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What’s a ZOIA?

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HOWTO VIDEO: ZOIA – Empress Effects Inc.

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Midi Loops Reddit

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