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Record games, screencasts, video chats, online video, or webcam. Capture screenshots. Edit screencasts using the built-in video editor: Screenshots of Movavi Screen Capture Studio View more screenshots Movavi Screen Capture Studio Publisher’s Description Movavi presents the ultimate screen capture software with full-featured video editor and a host of export options.
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Avangate Image 1 of 17 Movavi Screen Capture image: This video capture software has three modules: Image 2 of 17 Movavi Screen Capture image: The welcome screen offers tutorials on how to use the software effectively. Image 3 of 17 Movavi Screen Capture image: Anyone can learn and use the interface with few to no problems. Image 4 of 17 Movavi Screen Capture image: While you’re recording, Movavi gives you a running tally of how long your video is and how large the video file will be.

Movavi Studio

Image 5 of 17 Movavi Screen Capture image: This video capture software lets you fine-tune the parameters of your recording before you start. Image 6 of 17 Movavi Screen Capture image: This software offers one of the most comprehensive sets of video-editing tools out of the 10 products we reviewed. Image 7 of 17 Movavi Screen Capture image: Import videos and audio files from your computer into your project. Image 8 of 17 Movavi Screen Capture image: Add transitions and effects to your video.

Image 9 of 17 Movavi Screen Capture image: This program has a library of title cards you can use in your project. Image 10 of 17 Movavi Screen Capture image: The program offers a library of video filters to enhance the look and feel of your video. Image 11 of 17 Movavi Screen Capture image: This video capture software also allows you to record audio separately from your screen recordings.

Image 12 of 17 Movavi Screen Capture image: This program gives you 13 different language options. Image 13 of 17 Movavi Screen Capture image: The video-editing portion is simplified so anyone, even novices, can use it. Image 14 of 17 Movavi Screen Capture image: The video editor also offers more advanced features: You can adjust the color and audio, crop the frame, pan and zoom and more.

Image 15 of 17 Movavi Screen Capture image: You can export your finished project into 11 different video formats. Image 16 of 17 Movavi Screen Capture image: This software allows you to optimize your project for smartphones and tablets. Image 17 of 17 Movavi Screen Capture image: You can optimize your videos for uploading to sites like YouTube and Facebook.

Movavi Screen Capture Studio claims the top spot in our review of the best video capture software. Its wide range of recording, editing and production tools make it the ideal screen recording program for both casual and professional users. You can use it to capture your entire desktop or a specific region, application or window. It’s also great for recording streaming video, video games, video VoIP calls and more. It even records the screens of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

This software’s tools make it easy to create professional-quality videos. It’s the easiest program to learn and use on our lineup.

So whether you need to make a software tutorial, a presentation for work or a simple YouTube video, Movavi Screen Capture Studio should meet all your needs. Movavi Screen Capture Studio is the only program in our lineup to have every recording and capture tool we look for in this category.

You can use these capturing tools to record anything that happens on your computer, whether it’s an application, game, a Skype call, streaming video — it does it all. When you launch this screen recorder, the welcome screen has three options: If you’re using Movavi Screen Capture Studio for the first time, tutorials pop up to help you get started.

These tutorials are invaluable to the novice because they show you how to get the most out of your software. You can turn the pop-up off or simply skip the tutorials. When you select the Capture Screen option, you can choose to record your entire screen, a custom portion of it, or a specific window or application. You also have the option to capture your system’s audio so your audience can hear what’s going on.

Additionally, you can record your voice through a microphone. You can even do both at the same time. The multiple options allow you to record exactly what you want from multiple sources, and this saves a lot of time and energy during the editing phase.

The Record Audio feature is exactly what it sounds like: You can record your system’s audio or sound through a microphone or other external sound device without any video attached. This is useful for recording narrations and other voice work. Separately recorded audio clips also give you more control over the sound of more complex projects. It’s also good for recording audio-only projects like podcasts or audiobooks. You can control what you’re recording either through the onscreen interface or with hotkeys, which are keyboard shortcuts that allow you to quickly start, stop and pause recordings with a simple keystroke.

Hotkeys are quicker than using your mouse, plus you don’t capture unnecessary cursor movement. This screen recorder offers the most comprehensive array of editing tools of all the programs on our side-by-side comparison chart. If the tools were sold as a separate application, it would give the best video editing programs a run for their money.

This is in stark contrast to most of the video recorder software we reviewed in which the editing features are limited to trimming unwanted footage and adding text — and some have no editing tools at all. Movavi Screen Capture Studio goes far beyond the basics. This software allows you to pan and zoom across your footage to highlight important aspects of your screen. You can also fine-tune and enhance your audio, something only one other application on our lineup allows you to do.

Additionally, you can add media that’s on your computer to your project — outside video and sounds can easily be dropped in and edited just like the content you capture from your screen.

The editor also has a number of video and audio-enhancement tools. You can add effects, filters, transitions, titles, captions and more. You also get some advanced tools, such as the chroma key green screen , slow motion and video stabilization.

These features are generally found in stand-alone video-editing applications; none of the other programs we reviewed have these tools. The export options this video screen recorder offers stands heads and shoulders above the competition — no other application we evaluated even came close to offering the options that Movavi Screen Capture Studio does.

You can export your video to 11 of the most popular video formats. Only one other program offered more. There are multiple options to fine-tune technical aspects of your final video such as resolution, FPS frames per second and sample rate.

These controls are great for advanced users, and the default options will satisfy the needs of novice users. You can also optimize your video for playback on more than devices. So if you know your video is going to be watched on an iPhone 6 Plus, simply select that option from the “For Apple Devices” tab.

The program will automatically tailor your video’s setting for that device. It also has options for Android and Windows devices as well gaming systems and other media players. No matter which device your video is displayed on, it’s seen in the best quality possible. And the quality is excellent.

During testing, we created 10 identical projects using each video capture application on our lineup. Our video experts inspected the results, searching for imperfections in the video such as pixelation, motion blur and hesitation in the video. In almost every case, they found noticeable flaws that detract from the viewing experience.

But that was not the case with Movavi Screen Capture: Our experts found the video to be crisp, clear and nearly identical to the source material. Only one other program matched this level of quality. Although you can optimize your video for YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook, there’s no way to upload them from the program itself.

This is an odd omission since the majority of the other video capture programs in our review offered this option. We’d like to see Movavi add this feature in future editions because it would save regular video makers the time of manually uploading their videos. Movavi makes this software extremely easy to learn and use, but there may be times you need some guidance.

Aside from the above-mentioned in-application tutorials, Movavi offers a wide selection of how-to articles, video guides and a knowledge base on their website. Almost any question you have can be answered by consulting these resources. If you have a customer-support issue, you can contact Movavi through their online contact form and wait for them to get back to you through email.

They usually respond within 48 hours. If you can’t wait that long, you can log into the website’s live-chat service. You’ll be connected with a customer service representative almost immediately.

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Screen Capture module. Using this module you can capture everything that happens on your screen: record your game adventures, create video tutorials. Part of the Movavi range of software Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Windows lets you quickly and easily capture screen video, edit your. Movavi Screen Capture Studio, free and safe download. Movavi Screen Capture Studio latest version: Handy screen recording tool and video editor. Movavi.

Movavi Screen Capture Studio

Avangate Image 1 of 17 Movavi Screen Capture image: This video capture software has three modules: Image 2 of 17 Movavi Screen Capture image:

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Movavi Video Suite, free and safe download. Movavi Video Suite latest version: Do more with your video: convert, capture, edit, burn and be creative!. Get great multimedia programs for your videos and photos. Movavi’s movie and photo programs are fast and easy to use – check them out today!. The Movavi Screen Capture Studio interface beats out many of the screen capture apps and software options I’ve used in the past. Here’s what.

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Movavi Studio

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