Native Instruments Vs Ableton

Maschine MK3 vs Ableton Push 2 :

July 3, Thou shalt put no sampler above me…. NO ME! Both are revered for their workflow and ability to be a way to quickly jot down musical ideas and both are capable of being used in a live performance capacity, but does one really win out?
native instruments vs ableton

Ableton Live vs Logic Pro X

Native Instruments vs. Live 9? Kontakt 5 has been out for a while and Komplete 9 is around the corner. A comparison with Komplete 9 would be fair or at least Komplete 8.

Native Instruments Vs Ableton

If all we are talking about is sound quality of the libraries, it seems you would use Live 9 to shape the whole song then replace the sounds that are not so good sounding with more powerful ones from Komplete. As far as the orchestral sounds go, NI beats Live any day with its articulations and sound quality.

The strings in Live sound way too fake. M4L alone is worth the price of Live. Operator is real close to FM8 but the beauty of FM8 is the ability to import the factory sounds from its hardware counterparts i.

Also FM8 sounds huge and rich. However, programming Operator is a breeze and if you don’t need all the bells and whistles of glorious Yamaha FM synthesis programming in FM8, you can get by just fine with Operator.

Sampler is nice but filter wise it is no comparison to Kontakt’s advanced multi filters. There is no equivalent of Absynth in Live and I can’t do without it. Absynth is my green fairy. Battery used to be awesome when it was first developed by the same guy who created Loopazoid a while back.

Now it’s like an MPC 30 sitting in the corner staring at Maschine doing all the work. Drum Rack is a beast and way quicker and efficient than Battery but the drum sounds in my opinion are weak in Live. For more punch and grit I’d go for the NI sounds especially the selection from Maschine included in Komplete.

The Abbey Road drum series are pretty darn nice and let you a lot of control of mic bleed, Amp is a quick fix but Guitar Rig is a beast. Grand Piano sounds in Live are meh. Visually, NI is pretty but Live’s simplicity is more powerful as everything is laid out in front of you. This might not be related to sound by if my eyes can’t find anything in the 10 deep menus of Kontakt I lose focus which should be on music.

Controller assignments in Live take split seconds. Live lets you set a controller or a keyboard shortcut to every darn thing on the screen. I don’t think I ever use NI synth controller functions directly any more. I always control them via Live. Finally, despite the higher quality of NI’s sounds, one thing that will always kill Komplete in this comparison is that everything is so accesible in Live. Live is like a workstation synthesizer all self contained.

With Komplete there’s just too much stuff everywhere. The’ve tried to unify all that in Kore but that failed miserably and then got discontinued.

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But for another $ I could pick up Ableton Live Suite instead or I can put that In general, I think Native Instruments makes better instruments than Ableton. Comparing the sound libraries, which would you say is better? Native Instruments (Kontakt 4) or the Live 9 Suite Does either sound better or. Ableton Push 2 VS Native Instruments Maschine MK3! We put the Ableton Push 2 up against the Native Instruments Maschine MK3 to see who.

Maschine MK3 vs Ableton Push 2

I mean Maschine’s simplicity is probably its greatest asset, but also its biggest downfall. NI is great at selling the “Maschine package”, with all the flashy marketing videos, vivid colors, etc Its hard to resist , especially if you are new to music production world. However, the problem for me at least is once you scratch the surface of the maschine software, its flaws and shortcomings become overwhelmingly apparent , to a point where it became a major roadblock in my creative process, particularly when trying to finish and polish my tracks.

NI vs. LS9

Read on to discover which product is best for you. Hardware Both Push 2 and Maschine Mk3 have similar desktop footprints. Push is around two inches wider, so is the larger of the two overall.

HOWTO VIDEO: Head-to-head: Ableton Push 2 vs Native Instruments Maschine Mk3 | MusicRadar

All in all about , – € and, if you go with th LP Pro or Launchkey 25 MKII, mobile as hell. The Launch Hardware comes with Ableton Live. While there are other ‘hybrid’ controller- software systems out there, NI’s Maschine and Ableton’s Push remain the titans of the software-specific. What is the difference between Native Instruments Traktor Pro 2 and Ableton Live 9? Find out which is better and their overall performance in the DJ software.

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Native Instruments Vs Ableton

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