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Negative Reviews in Most Helpful The button for deposits in the images doesn’t appear in the actual app. Also apparently no way to contact the bank for help. Terrible UI. If mobile deposit isn’t allowed overseas, then it should say so in the app.
tcf app for android

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Negative Reviews in Most Helpful The button for deposits in the images doesn’t appear in the actual app. Also apparently no way to contact the bank for help.

Tcf App For Android

Terrible UI. If mobile deposit isn’t allowed overseas, then it should say so in the app. Honestly, the more I use this app, the more irritating I find it. It’s just terrible compared to my other banking apps. This was the last straw that is making me close my TCF accounts. Aug 27, by Cierra Moten This app almost never loads. Still the same issue. The app is nearly useless for me due to these bugs. When it actually does work, it is completely user friendly.

But the point of me downloading the app was for its convenience. I don’t really have time, nor patience to actually call to speak with a tcf rep to do a simple transfer.

Sep 17, by Mike Wolfe Mobile deposit autocapture is pretty worthless. Dark background. Everything orientated properly. Check corners lined up. Still can’t get it to work properly. Everything with the app seems slow and a tad outdated. Been thinking of switching banks anyway. This is kinda the last straw. Aug 21, by Nikki Daily Prior to now, I’ve never had an issue with the app, but now, it won’t load.

Reached out through messenger and was basically told to use to check my accounts. I’ve done every troubleshoot I can think of, but no resolve or help from TCF. Also was told there was no issue with app, but that cant be true according to other reviews. It would be nice to have updates for similar issues. Retrying doesn’t work. Doesn’t need to be updated. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled it. I see that their response to anyone in the past month who’ve had trouble was to switch from wifi to data or data to wifi.

I only have data. What’s the point of a mobile app you can only use on wifi? So now I’m left the impossible task of not being able to access my account. I can’t pay bills. I can’t transfer money. Not ok. Mobile deposit function missing?? Sep 12, by brigit19 My favorite and most-used function of this app has always been mobile deposit, which was easily accessible from the dashboard as soon as I signed in. Other recent reviews mention using this function without issue, or sometimes with minor issues, but no one else appears to be missing this function entirely.

What is going on?? This is highly frustrating to say the least. Very disappointed. Jul 19, by Alex Barrett The odds that this app can actually successfully deposit a mobile check are about one in fifty for me, and that’s the only reason I want or need it, making it nearly worthless to me and a gamble every time I use it. I’ve followed all of the directions provided, taking the photos in a brightly lit room against a matte black background. All to no avail. App unable to read properly Aug 17, by meeeeeeeeeeerrr The app is unable to read the check properly, I had used other app from other banks and seems to work better.

I tried to deposit dollar and the app was unable to read the written amount that is very easily readable until I ask to write another check.

Make the photo more robust to be able to read better or try to benchmark with other local banks app and improve your app. There are reasons customers want o use the app, and if it always fails why do you advertise it.

The app needs more work specifically the photo readability of writing stuff amount Sep 3, by Matthew Kowalczyk This app has started giving a consistant error when opening that doesn’t give any error message other then “retry” and “exit.

Sep 12, by Gretchen Hinkle This app is so user unfriendly. Most time when opening the app, the deposit check screen is hidden and will not pop. Very user unfriendly, too many random items on the drop list that don’t do much of anything. Very messy. The bank itself robo calls me daily for no reason just to get some feedback.

Talk about obnoxious! The mobile deposit rarely works even when everything is done exactly according to the directions. I would say about 1 in every 10 checks goes through on the first try and even after multiple attempts about 4 of the 10 might go through. Aug 4, by Clyde Rockwall impossible to log in.

After jumping through hoops to change all of my monthly bills in person Anoka i have no idea which accounts most withdrawals are coming out of, because they don’t mail out monthly statements anymore. Supposedly it has mobile check deposit something competitors have had for YEARS , but there’s no such feature that I can find, at least on my Pixel 3. If that’s a model-specific thing, that’s also a huge problem, because it’s unacceptable for a bank’s app to not support flagship phones.

It’s an improvement over TCF’s first attempt at an app, but it’s still poorly-designed and insufficiently-maintained. Jul 26, by Ken M. The app functions well for checking your balance. However, when I overdrafted my account, they didn’t notify me via the app, or even text message, automated phone message or email. If I’m going to have a bank’s smartphone app on my phone, I expect it to at least send push notifications of critical problems rather than going to the slowest available communication method.

Aug 7, by Lyletha Taylor I haven’t been able to access online banking for the past 5 days. I called TCF to report the problem. I can’t open it when I use the the TCF home page. When I put in my user id and hit next nothing happens. TCF said they aren’t experiencing amy problems. I can access any app but TCF. Is anyone else having problems! Have to constantly log out and log back in order to access each. Either make a separate app for business accounts or find a way to make it where I can choose between the accounts without having to log out and in constantly.

Since I do most of my banking on my phone this is very frustrating. Makes me wish I had opened the business account with a different bank just to avoid all this hassle. The app works fine if you only have one account. When I just had personal it was fine. Sep 6, by Mo Ainsworth I edited this review to 1 star because I have uninstalled and reinstalled this app 4 times and still get the “Something went wrong message “. I have tried using it with wifi and mobile data, no such luck.

It was better before the new update. I would love to continue using this application if these issues were fixed. Call center help questionable Aug 28, by One day I can use the Touch ID and the next day it is not working.

I called your call center asking why and was told I had to download a new app. You just updated a few months ago. So why should I download when you can make new changes and I can accept them?

Talking to someone in United States, or some other country? I am disappointed. Mar 21, by Umair Hi, I have been dealing with this issue for a while now and hope this can get resolved very soon!

Although it is sometimes quick with updating of information such as the funds in my account. It can also be very slow at many times!

I wish it showed all my transactions seconds after they happen and not 24 hours later! As TCF has become an online mobile banking company, I hope it can live up to its expectations. Thank you!

Negative Reviews in Most Helpful

4 days ago With the TCF Bank app, online banking is simple because, you know, life isn’t. Seamlessly across devices, you can securely deposit checks. Download TCF Bank App for Android and IOS. With the TCF Bank app, online banking is simple because, you know, life isn’t. Seamlessly. Best Apps From TCF Bank: Plus, you can pay bills, transfer funds between your TCF accounts and use our Operating Systems, Android.

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Okay so I know this version has been out for almost two years now, but I still stand by my statement. The old TCF app was clunky and not the most user-friendly. You can also now deposit checks by taking a photo of the check, reducing inconvenient trips to the ATM.

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See how our new mobile banking app helps you get done with your banking so you can get back to what matters, from TCF Bank. Data on TCF Bank Mobile and other apps by TCF Bank. TCF Bank Mobile Banking from your Android Phone TCF Mobile Banking offers you the ability to view. Download TCF Bank App for Android and IOS. With the TCF Bank app, online banking is simple because, you know, life isn’t. Seamlessly.

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Tcf App For Android

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