Vpn Unlimited Download For Mac

VPN Unlimited (free version) download for Mac OS X

While lifetime plans sound good in theory, based on current pricing, you’ll need to use VPN Unlimited for approaching five years before it becomes cheaper per-month than Private Internet Access’ 2-year plan. There’s no way to be sure the company will be the best service for you, by then, or even whether it’ll still exist, and on balance we wouldn’t recommend committing to any more than the three-year plan. Unusual bonus options include the ability to get a personal VPN server, with traffic dedicated just to you.
vpn unlimited download for mac

Free VPN in Opera browser. Surf the web with enhanced privacy.

While lifetime plans sound good in theory, based on current pricing, you’ll need to use VPN Unlimited for approaching five years before it becomes cheaper per-month than Private Internet Access’ 2-year plan. There’s no way to be sure the company will be the best service for you, by then, or even whether it’ll still exist, and on balance we wouldn’t recommend committing to any more than the three-year plan.

Vpn Unlimited Download For Mac

Unusual bonus options include the ability to get a personal VPN server, with traffic dedicated just to you. By default, that means OpenVPN, which is the standard protocol on both mobile and desktop apps. This uses AES encryption for industry-standard levels of security.

And if it doesn’t suit your needs for some reason, no problem – IKEv2 is available with most clients as a capable fallback protocol. The apps also offer KeepSolid’s own Wise technology. This takes the core OpenVPN protocol, scrambles and obfuscates it a little, and maybe routes it a little differently to a regular connection.

While this might cut speeds a little, it should help you bypass VPN detection and blocking systems used in countries like China, allowing you to get connected almost anywhere. What you can’t do is tweak any of the underlying OpenVPN settings, at least not within the apps you can download OpenVPN configuration files and adjust them manually. That could be an issue for expert users who want to manually adjust ports or make other low-level tweaks to optimize the connection.

There’s better news in the app’s ability to automatically connect to the VPN whenever you access an untrusted network, ensuring you’re always protected.

The Windows kill switch doesn’t work exactly as it should, but we’ll talk more about that later. The Windows client doesn’t have any specific ‘DNS leak protection’ settings, either, but these, at least, didn’t seem to be necessary. KeepSolid Logging VPN providers understand that potential customers are curious about their logging policies, and most try to make this immediately clear on the website, leaving phrases like ‘Zero Logging! The VPN Unlimited website doesn’t make such an effort to highlight its logging procedures, and its front page doesn’t mention the issue at all.

The Privacy Policy gives a general description of personal data which might be collected when you visit the website or use KeepSolid’s apps.

These include IP addresses; device name, code, manufacturer and language; time zone, connection time and wifi network name; and the total amount of traffic for each session, along with session dates.

A quick check of our VPN Unlimited web console revealed a little more identifying information. A Devices console didn’t just record that we had connected from a Windows 10 system, for instance. It also stored both the computer name and even the name of our Windows user account, perhaps enough to identify an individual.

There’s no sign of VPN Unlimited recording your browsing history or maintaining any detailed logs, but we’re not clear on exactly what it is collecting, and that’s not good enough.

When other VPN providers are increasingly having third-party audits to confirm their no-logging claims, the very least everyone else can do is be very explicit about what their logging policy is. KeepSolid Performance To assess VPN Unlimited performance, we start with an automated test which connects from the UK to a sample of 34 worldwide locations, records the connection time, uses geolocation to check whether the server is where the company says it is, and runs a simple ping test to measure latency.

The connections were very reliable. We were able to connect to all our test servers on two separate runs without any issues. But once we were online, ping times were reasonable. There was good news with our location checks, too, as every server’s official location was a close match to the position returned by our geolocation library.

Download speeds were better than most. Our closest UK servers managed Mbps on a 75Mbps fiber broadband line, while most nearby European countries were a very similar Mbps. Greece was our only disappointment, with speeds falling to around Mbps, but even that is enough for browsing and HD video streaming.

US download speeds were a very capable Mbps across the country, faster and far more consistent than we’ve generally seen elsewhere. Heading even further afield revealed a few issues. Some areas performed well Japan averaged more than 50Mbps, Singapore hit bps , most were in an acceptable Mbps range, but others were so slow as to be almost unusable Vietnam never even reached 1Mbps during our testing. For our second set of tests, we ran manual speed checks from one of HostGator’s dedicated server in the US.

This allowed us to see how performance might change when you’re connecting from the US, while the server’s excellent 1Gbps connection meant there were no chance of bandwidth problems.

US download speeds were reported at an excellent Mbps for all the major locations, from California to New York. You’re unlikely to see this kind of performance unless you live in a data center right next to one of KeepSolid’s servers, but it’s good to see what’s possible. US to UK speeds dropped a little to Mbps, although that still looked great to us.

Most of Western Europe achieved similar performance, and although speeds fell with a few of the more distant locations, they were still very usable Cyprus managed Mbps, Greece hit Mbps. Reaching out to the rest of the world saw the same pattern of results, with most locations delivering above-average performance Japan Mbps, Singapore Mbps , a few being just acceptable Australia was a relatively disappointing Mbps , and one or two you’ll want to ignore once again, Vietnam couldn’t even reach 1Mbps.

Overall, KeepSolid offers excellent performance from all but a very few of its servers. As usual, the speeds you’ll see will vary depending on where you are, the server and websites you’re trying to reach, but our tests suggest it’ll give you better results than many of the competition. Netflix Netflix A good VPN doesn’t just give you a new virtual location, it ensures that identity is sufficiently undetectable that it gets you access to all kinds of geoblocked content.

The VPN Unlimited apps simplify the process of server selection by highlighting recommended iPlayer, Netflix and Hulu locations on their regular server list. That’s far more convenient than the average VPN, where you might have ten or more US servers to choose from, but be left to try them, one after the other, until you find which if any works with your preferred content provider. We chose the UK server recommended for accessing iPlayer, and it worked just fine.

Out of curiosity, we tried the other UK server, and that let us in, too. Its recommended US server got us access to the service right away, and when we tried a handful of other US servers, they worked, too. This situation can change week to week, even day-to-day, and there are no guarantees you’ll see exactly the same results. But right now, KeepSolid does better at unblocking than many competitors, and even if problems do crop up in future, the ability of the client to highlight recommended servers will make it easier to find a location which works for you.

KeepSolid Torrents VPN Unlimited supports torrents, at least in theory, but the company isn’t exactly enthusiastic about it. That compares poorly with VPNs who promise they’ll never throttle connections. It also leaves us wondering how VPN Unlimited would know they have ‘subsided’ connection speeds ‘due to torrenting. If so, that’s another black mark when compared to the top competition. Even if you’re unconcerned about that, there’s more bad news in torrent support across the network.

They’re well positioned for North American and European customers Canada, USA, France, Luxembourg, Romania , but users elsewhere in the world may see disappointing download speeds, and it’s another torrenting hassle you don’t see with the best of the competition.

KeepSolid Client setup Although they claim to be all about privacy, most VPNs will rush to demand your email address, payment details and more, then trust they’ll be treated safely.

KeepSolid is surprisingly, and refreshingly different. You don’t have to sign up on the website, for instance; we created a new account direct from the Windows client. This will ask you to enter an email address and password, and you’ll be asked to confirm this, but that’s not compulsory. Even if you don’t confirm the email, you can still use the client for 24 hours, for free, before the account is deactivated. If a day isn’t enough, give the company an email address you can confirm, and you’ll get seven days to test the service.

There are no payment details required, and a countdown within the app keeps you up-to-date with the time you have left. The mechanics of the installation process didn’t always run quite as smoothly. The Windows installer warned that an antivirus program might be preventing installation, for instance it wasn’t , asked us to disable it we didn’t and click OK to try installing again.

We just clicked OK immediately, and this time, it worked correctly. Whatever the Windows installation issue, it only seemed to be temporary, and there were no other problems.

We also tried installing the Android and iOS apps, as well as the browser extensions, and they had no setup issues at all. Instead you must generate them, one by one, from the website. The company also requires that you generate different. This isn’t quite as dumb as it sounds. The standard. KeepSolid’s more customized files automatically include your credentials, ensuring you’ll never have to enter a login on any device. Still, manually generating files one-by-one is a tedious task, and KeepSolid should update the system to allow multiple server files to be set up in a single operation.

KeepSolid Image credit: Image Credit: Although this looks good, you can’t zoom in, pan around, click a location to log in, or perform any other useful actions.

It’s just a simple static image. Instead of map view, you can also see all of the servers available in a more traditional list Image Credit: KeepSolid The real action takes place in a more conventional server list. Locations are organized alphabetically, each one with a Workload icon to help you make the best choice.

Specialist servers Netflix, Hulu, iPlayer, torrents are highlighted. If you need more performance information, an optional ping test took only around 6 seconds to run on our test system, and added a latency figure to each location. Scroll down, find a server which appeals, and you can get connected with a click. Well, eventually. Connection times were generally a few seconds longer than average. There’s a smarter location-picking feature in a Favorites list, which enables building a collection of your most-used servers for easy recall later.

Switching between servers is natural, too. Unlike some of the competition, you’re not forced to manually close the connection before you can select another location. Just click a server from the list and the client will automatically disconnect and reconnect for you. KeepSolid A Settings box includes several useful options.

A Trusted Networks option enables building a whitelist of networks where the VPN will be deactivated. If you only use a VPN to protect your activities on public wireless hotspots, for instance, you could automatically turn the VPN off at home, or anywhere else you’re sure you’re safe.

Elsewhere, there’s a basic Run on Startup option to run the client when Windows starts but you can’t define a startup connection , and a Password Protection feature which asks for your account password when it starts, preventing others using the service. One major improvement since our last review is the addition of a kill switch. This should block internet access if the VPN connection drops, reducing the chance of any data leakage. At least, that’s the theory. To test the feature, we connected to a VPN Unlimited server, and began automatically refreshing a web page displaying our external IP.


VPN Unlimited for Mac is a personal VPN service that gives you secure, fast and unlimited access to any web content. It uses military-grade. VPN Unlimited – Anonymous, secure VPN proxy. Download the latest versions of the best Mac apps at safe and trusted MacUpdate. Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about VPN Unlimited – WiFi Proxy. Download VPN Unlimited – WiFi Proxy for macOS.

VPN Unlimited review

July 19, Share this Post What does the word unlimited mean? With their 5. It has a new kill switch and is a great platform for accessing streaming content.

Plans and pricing

Great program Update- my email wouldn’t send – support answered my request right away and I ended up selecting certain servers and back online! Excellent support.

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VPN Unlimited – Anonymous, secure VPN proxy. Download the latest versions of the best Mac apps at safe and trusted MacUpdate. We tested dozens of VPNs to find the best free VPNs for Mac. NordVPN: Our #1 recommended VPN’s top-notch security, fast speeds, and unlimited data. This won’t be enough for serious movie marathons or large downloads, it is still. Looking for more privacy online? Opera browser now integrates a free, unlimited VPN feature. Download Opera with built-in VPN at the official xtfaeg.me site.

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Vpn Unlimited Download For Mac

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